We'll be back in 2025!

The next edition will take place from 15 to 18 May 2025.
We look forward to being able to tell you more about the programme here at the appropriate time.We'll be back in 2025!


Welcome to the Basel Film Music Festival

On May 6, 2022, Alexandre Desplat visited Basel. With nominations for 11 Oscars, 12 Golden Globes and 11 Grammys, Desplat belongs to the most sought-after composers of film music. Grand Budapest Hotel, Shape of Water, Godzilla, Little Women, Twilight, Harry Potter and the Deahly Hallows and the most recent The French Dispatch, these films belong to his most well-known works and lead us through a once-of-a-lifetime concert, accompanied by the Basel Symphony Orchestra.

On May 7, Alexandre Desplat furthermore joined the festival team for a masterclass in which he elaborated on the stations of his career and his creative process.

Experience Alexandre Desplat live

Review of the Masterclass

Watch the masterclass with Alexandre Desplat again in the live stream.

What is the Basel Film Music Festival?

Basel Film Music Festival is celebrating film music, which is the heartbeat of every film. Supported by the six-time Academy Award-winning producer Arthur Cohn, Golden Globe-winning actor Brian Cox as well as many regional and national partners, a new festival is coming to light that is truly dedicated to film music and film in general.

Arthur Cohn, Swiss film producer and multiple Oscar winner

"The idea of the Basel Film Music Festival is great and actually long overdue. I am convinced that this festival will significantly enrich Basel's international status as a cultural city."

Arthur Cohn, Swiss film producer and multiple Oscar winner

Launch in 2022

Originally, the start of the festival was planned for Spring 2021. The pandemic has made any plans a gamble, so we were not sure we could pull off anything at all.

For a festival lasting several days, we definitely didn’t have enough time but for 2022 we decided to celebrate one night of film music to give an indication of where our journey will be going in the future. Luckily, many encouraged us to make that step.

Konzerthalle Stadtcasino Basel
© Ruedi Walti

Venue and arrival

The Stadtcasino Basel lies in the heart of Basel and serves as the centre of the festival. The music hall of the Stadtcasino Basel enjoys an internationally high reputation due to its excellent room acoustic quality. The hall was opened in 1876 for over 1400 people. After a complete renovation of the building by the world-renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron, the Stadtcasino Basel is back in its full glory.

© Ruedi Walti

The Stadtcasino Basel is located in the town centre, on the Barfüsserplatz.

The Stadtcasino Basel is a 10-minute walk from the train station. The nearest public transport stop is “Barfüsserplatz”, and is served by the following tram lines: 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 15, 16 or 17.

Parking is available at Parking Kunstmuseum Basel.

Media area

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We thank our partners

The creation of the Basel Film Music Festival has been a lively journey that is still in ongoing. While some accompany us for a certain period, help us kick things off or coach us, others are loyal travelers for a long time. No matter if individuals or corporations: we would like to thank each and every single one – for listening, creating, assisting, coaching and pushing ahead.